Welcome to Kinetic Marketing

Our experience, expertise, and proactive approach ensure that we are always one step ahead. Our thorough planning and unparalleled attention to detail mean that the school team can focus their attention on the many other demands of setting up a new school.

Their proactive, professional approach to marketing and excellent attention to detail simply takes away the pain!

Tom Legge, Lead Proposer, Rugby Free Primary and Secondary Schools

Exceptional brilliance, hard work and extraordinary commitment. Kinetic Marketing does whatever it takes to get your school open and full of happy students.

Katharine Birbalsingh, Headmistress, Michaela Community School

Kinetic Marketing provides an exceptional marketing and design service. With a thorough understanding of the entire free school process, the team is always one step ahead.

Claire Delaney, Director, Bellevue Place Education Trust

Kinetic Marketing brings commitment to a project and provides a highly flexible and professional service making you feel like you have an additional dedicated member in your team.

Dr Cheron Byfield, Trust Member, King Solomon International Business School

The service we have received has been efficient and professional. Parents have commented on the quality of the website, newsletters and correspondence which are sent out.

Alan Malloy, Project Manager, Place Group

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