Kinetic Marketing appointed by DfE as sole marketing partner for free school proposer groups


Kinetic Marketing will be responsible for delivering all marketing support to free school proposer groups funded by the Department for Education (DfE) and has been officially endorsed as a DfE-approved sub-contractor.

This role will start on 1st April as part of a contract awarded to Premier Advisory Group (PAG) as sole supplier of DfE-funded free school application support. The contract, which was previously retained for over 10 years by New Schools Network (NSN), is a two-year term with provisions for another year’s extension.

The free schools programme remains at the forefront of the Government’s plans to level up standards across England and respond where there is demand for more school places. Since its inception in 2010, the programme has delivered hundreds of new schools and thousands of school places up and down the country.

The next year will see application waves for new special and alternative provision (AP) schools as a direct result of additional Government funding, as well as plans to invest in both Education Investment Areas and other areas of need with mainstream, special and AP schools.

Becci Roach, Director of Kinetic Marketing, has been directly involved in the free school movement since 2012 as a co-founder of an all-through free school and has subsequently provided complete marketing support from the pre-application process to successful opening for 20+ primary, secondary and all-through free schools across the country.

Commenting on the appointment, Becci said: “I look forward to using my first-hand experience as a free school proposer and sharing my knowledge of tried-and-tested, laser-focused and cost-effective methods to engage with and evidence the support of the local community to strengthen each application and ensure that it aligns with stakeholder feedback.

“I am delighted that PAG has entrusted Kinetic Marketing to advise on all aspects of pre-application marketing. Our 10-year partnership, in-depth understanding of the whole process and the challenges that may be faced will enable us to help even more organisations and individuals establish excellent schools, of all types and phases, to meet local needs.”