Children First Learning Partnership (CFLP) is a Staffordshire-based multi-academy trust formed in 2019 from four first and primary schools. Having added its sixth school this year and with a proven track record of school-to-school improvement, CFLP’s vision is to be one of the highest-performing trusts in the country and grow to enable as many children as possible to thrive, flourish and achieve their full potential. CFLP approached Kinetic Marketing through a recommendation from Three Spires Trust to help them achieve this.


CFLP’s existing logo and materials, while fit for purpose upon creation of the trust, now mismatched the dynamic and high-performing trust that it had become by 2023.

A brand refresh was required to reflect this evolution, to help position CFLP as a solid contender amongst competitor trusts to enable the successful growth of its family of schools and to help attract further families and staff to its existing member schools.

Solutions and improved outcomes:

  • Laying foundations: We built an in-depth understanding of the trust and its challenges and goals to shape a solid multi-channel marketing strategy and plan to effectively reach and engage all key stakeholders to support its growth.
  • A strong identity: Key stakeholders, including the children, were involved in the decision-making process and helped us understand the gap between the current perception of the brand and the future vision. We created a new trust logo which reflects a collaborative and dynamic organisation with a proven track record of improving primary schools and with children at the heart of all they do, and which internal stakeholders are proud of.
  • An adaptable solution: We also considered how elements of the trust’s new logo could be applied across current and future member schools to show that they are part of the same family yet retain their unique identity. Exploring how the logo can be developed across digital and printed materials from the outset ensures optimum flexibility and impact across all channels.
  • Quality marketing collateral: Having a consistent look and feel across all materials from the letterhead to the brochure targeting prospective member schools provides a consistent experience at every touchpoint, which engenders trust and helps create a positive impression. We are currently developing CFLP’s new website – watch this space!
  • Added value: Tapping into the Umbrella Group network, for example, Premier Advisory Group’s expertise on bidding for funding, DfE and local authority free school competitions, has helped us identify additional services to support the trust’s growth.